Forex, Gold and Crypto signals

Findabroker is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with an exciting signals provider.

Specialising particularly in XAU/USD currency pair, as well as crypto and all other major currency pairs, this provider is not long on the market but boasts prodigious results and has a reassuringly high strike rate. Given the volatility of the markets this year due to the pandemic as well as the presidential elections, his results have remained consistent.

For example, on XAU/USD trades alone: 

  • March) 1780 pips
  • April) 920 pips
  • May) 2010 pips
  • June) 2035 pips
  • July) 1885 pips
  • August) 1000 pips
  • Sept) 1505 pips
  • October) 1800 pips
  • Nov) 1640 pips

These are the pips profit I was able to achieve following his signals. Crypto and other pairs are reported to also be profitable but in truth I haven’t traded them personally so I can’t vouch for that. Monthly subscription is very reasonable and the signals are sent out via telegram or email. They average around 3-5 a week so you are definitely not bombarded by them and stop loss is a maximum of 70 pips so far.

Strike rate for me has been 1 losing trade to 3 winning trades and winning positions often run at risk to reward of 3-1, so the winners can be 3 times as much as a losing trade.

Please contact me below if you would like further information and I will reply personally and answer any questions you may have.